Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Houses
Bonus Applied Resource-Gold +25%
Bonus Radius 6
Limit per Building 1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 43
Gold Resource-Gold 8,000
Stone Resource-stone 1,000
Sell Price Resource-Gold 10 Resource-wood 5
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 100
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 380

"In this piece, I am paying tribute to the travails of early man and the formation of civilization. - Artist Inscription."
— In-game Description


The "Struggle" statue is a decoration providing a +25% Resource-Gold bonus to all Houses.

This is the highest gold bonus of all decorations apart from the limited time decorations Emperor Tribute and the Gantas Statue.

The given bonus is limited to 1 per building.

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