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Battle Nations' 1 Year Anniversary is a promotional event that rewards players with 3x the normal Skill Points ( Resource-SP ) towards Unit Ranks, as well as 3x the normal VP earned in PvP battles. In addition to the VPs, PvP army cooldowns were reduced to 1 hour (from 2 hours).

Lastly, the Commemorative Statue was available for construction.

This one-time event was introduced on November 14th and ran through November 19th, 2012.

Official Announcement - 11/14/2012Edit


Exactly 1 year ago today, at 9:15pm PST, Z2Live was blessed with a beautiful little baby named Battle Nations!

It has been an exceptional year, watching our little bundle of joy grow, mature, and take us on great, epic adventures. Looking back at our 15+ updates, Battle Nations has really come a long way. We’ve recruited and trained countless new units and vehicles, and enabled their promotion to higher ranks. We’ve battled Raiders, Silver Wolves, Animals, drunk Frontier Citizens, and Infected mutant-troops. We’ve introduced new features like Prestige, Assistance, Building Upgrades, and Combat Attacks. We added a platform, allowing you all to play on Mac! We’ve grown to love our cast and crew of amazing characters and the stories they share with us.

In short: we’ve laughed, we’ve cried (remember that server downtime back in June? That sucked.), and we’ve had a blast beating each other and our armies to a bloody freakin’ pulp. We raise our hypothetical glasses to all of you, our amazing players, without whom none of this would have been possible! CHEERS!

Ok everyone, wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and get ready to party! We’re celebrating our anniversary with you in a big way:

3x SP : 2x SP is SO last month! What’s hot now is 3X SP. Storm the battlefield with invigorated troops, as victorious battles will result in faster promotions than ever. 3x VP : Everyone’s a winner this weekend! Engage in PVP battles and win or lose, you’ll get 3X the normal points. Decreased Army Cool Down : We understand that 3x VP means a TON of PVP action this weekend. To help keep you beating up on fools, we’re decreasing army cool down times! Your units will return to service, ready to get back in the fight in half the time. Commemorative Statue : Our characters get cast in gold for all your citizens to idolize! There’s a good reason to pay it tribute, it speeds up resource production! Get our Commemorative Statue, place it near resource nodes, and watch those nodes produce more, more, more! In all seriousness, we’re humbled and forever grateful for your die-hard dedication and continued support of Battle Nations. This first year has been incredible, and we look forward to sharing many more with you all in the future!

See you on the battlefield!

The Battle Nations Team



Similar to the Double SP Weekends, anytime Resource-SP is rewarded, the player is instead rewarded three times the usual amount (which is then distributed amongst the participating units in battle, as normal). This boost can be combined with the purchasable double-SP boosts, for six-times the normal rewards!


  • This event was extremely popular with player attempting to level up the Wimp unit, as the 3x SP boost when combined with a 2x SP boost would yield a 6x SP boost, making leveling up any unit, especially the Wimp, much easier.

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