Artificial Pond
Deco artificial pond icon
Building Type Decoration
Size Size 2 x 2
Unlocked Level 56
Gold Resource-Gold 340,000
Sell Price Resource-Gold 2,000 Resource-lumber 300
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 150 Resource-lumber 15
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 570 Resource-lumber 57

"Display your obscene and unnecessary wealth in a desert of poverty so you can tell your neighbors, "I am the 1%"."
— In-game Description


The Artificial Pond is a decorative item added in the 2.9.8 Patch. This item offers no bonuses of any sort and is purely for aesthetic reasons. One will however cost Resource-Gold 340,000.

It offers a small amount of Lumber but a relatively large amount of Gold when occupied, and due to its small size, one occupation can cover up to 9 Artificial Ponds yielding a total of Resource-Gold 5,130 and Resource-lumber 513.

If a player has lots of gold to spend and needs Lumber, they could buy and then sell these, as each sale gives 2,000 Gold and 300 Lumber.


2.9.8 Patch

  • Decor added.

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