Black Nanopod Facility
Comp civJob blackNanoFactory icon
Building Type Shop
Population Resource population -3
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 15
Left 4 Work
Gold Resource-Gold 12,000
Stone Resource-stone 1,750
Wood Resource-wood 1,500
Construction Time Resource-time 12h
Sell Price Resource-Gold 100
Max Assists 20
Assisted Bonus Resource-time +30m
Reward for Assisting Resource-Gold 100
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 150
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 570

"A safe place to process Black Nanopods, allowing you to convert them into bait for Zoey's traps, safely convert them back to regular Nanopods, or even infect your own troops..."
— In-game Description


The Black Nanopod Facility is a limited time building that is available during the annual infected outbreaks.

If players don't feel like using Black Nanopods to infect Units, they can convert Resource-black nanopod 5 Black Nanopods into a single Resource-nanopod Nanopod in the timespan of 18 hours. Despite what the description says, the Black Nanopod Facility can do nothing more than that.

The player is required to build a Black Nanopod Facility as part of a limited time quest during the infected outbreak. You are also required to attempt to reverse an infection here but that backfires horribly.

(Only available during infected outbreak, which takes place annually in October)

Nanopod RefinementEdit

Black Nanopod Facility Goods
Item Resource-time Cost Reward
Nanofactory blackToGreenNanopod icon@2x Nanopod Refinement 18h Resource-black nanopod 5 Resource-nanopod 1

Black Nanopod Facility Quest Goods
Item Resource-time Cost Reward
Job comp civJob blackNanoFacility zombie cure icon Cure Zombie 3h Resource-black nanopod 5
Resource-Gold 500
Resource-xp 5
Resource-Gold 1,200




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