BladesBase icon
Blade's Base
Location level 25
Assistable No
Attackable Yes
Spawns None
Resource-Gold Gold
Resource-stone Stone
Resource-wood Wood
Resource-iron Iron
Resource-oil Oil

"Blades in Moonlight's hidden base. While skilled as a warrior, and the most deadly of Warlord Gantas' Lieutenants, she is... well... The interesting design of this base says a lot about the mind of its leader."
— In-game Description


Blade's Base is the home of Crazy Blades, one of Warlord Gantas' three lieutenants. The base shows an odd mix of Raider and Frontier architecture and decoration, including a number of structures that can be attacked for Resources such as Stone, Wood and Oil. The base is defended by a number of Raider defensive structures, with an artillery-heavy military force defending the entire base.


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