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Npc-portrait-Big Game HunterS trooper bigGameHunter
Gender Male
Affiliation The Empire
Weapon Dart Gun
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Bogan's House
JosephHawkAdded by JosephHawk


Bogan first appears as a promotional unit who helps you defeat a group of Sandworms. Later in the 2.9 Patch, Bogan comes running to the player's outpost seeking protection from a swarm of oddly-coordinated sandworms who are pursuing him. In his own unique version of the Frontier accent, Bogan claims that they're riled up because he captured the "Ridgy-Didge," the biggest, nastiest, and toothiest sandworm ever seen. Floyd's curiosity and Morgan's greed are piqued, and a series of missions to hunt high-level sandworms ensues.

Bogan appears in battle in many of these missions. He is represented by a standard Big Game Hunter unit, and shares rank and SP with any Big Game Hunters the player has trained.


  • Bogan is the first character whose first and last names are both known. Early in his dialogue, he says that "Mr. Hunter is my father's name," implying that his own last name is Hunter, as well.
  • According to the way his dialogue is scripted, it appears that he speaks in an Australian accent. 

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