Travel huntersHouse icon
Bogan's House
Location level 42
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns S sandworm emperor icon Emperor Sandworm
LandEncounter mammoth Mammoths
LandEncounter raptor Raptors
LandEncounter sandwormElder Sandworms

"A rather comfortable shack on the edge of the desert. Bogan has clearly done well for himself. If you ignore the enormous Sandworm holes."
— In-game Description


Bogan's House, the home of Bogan, was added in the 2.9 Patch and is a short distance north of the player's Outpost in the Northern Frontier. It is featured in a series of missions leading to the battle against the Emperor Sandworm, or as Bogan calls it, the Ridgy-Didge. Upon completing these missions, the player will unlock the Big Game Hunter.

Since the release of the 3.0 Patch, groups of Mammoths, Raptors, and high-level Sandworms spawn here.


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