Commemorative Statue
Deco-commemorative statue
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Stone Quarry
Logging Camp
Iron Mine
Oil Pump
Coal Mine
Bonus Applied Resources +15%
Bonus Radius 8
Limit per Building 1
Size Size (4x4)
Unlocked Level 15
Gold Resource-Gold 3,000
Stone Resource-stone 100
Construction Time Resource-time 0s
Sell Price Resource-wood 50
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 50
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 190


Celebrating 1 year of Battle Nations!

There is no better way to motivate the many, many faceless workers slaving away at the mines and mills than a giant golden statue depicting the four people (and Perkins) to whom everything important seems to happen. Oh wait, food. You could, like, give them some food.


Limit 1

Similar to the Ancient Rubble, the Commemorative Statue increases resource output by 15%, and can be combined with other decorations and the Ancient Rubble.

Available during the 1 Year Anniversary event.

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