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Dragonfruit Orchard
Orchard dragonfruit icon
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type Agriculture
Demand Category None
Population Resource population -3
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 9, A Terrible Boar - Part 5
Gold Resource-Gold 5,000
Wood Resource-wood 350
Construction Time Resource-time 1d
Sell Price Resource-Gold 10
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 25
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 95

"Tasting like the unholy offspring of a kiwi and a pear, Dragonfruit is as delicious as it is unnerving."
— In-game Description


The Dragonfruit Orchard provides Resource-Gold 300 and Resource-xp 160 every 8 hours.

Players unlock this structure with the completion of A Terrible Boar - Part 5, and are required to build one during A Terrible Boar - Part 6.

The small Gold and XP rewards are primarily useful for lower level players.


Dragonfruit Orchard
Collection Interval Resource-time8h
XP Reward Resource-xp160
Gold Reward Resource-Gold300

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