I17 scientist full@2x
Experimental Weapon Scientist
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliation Empire, Installation 17
Weapon Plasma Cannon
I17 guy hazmat icon@2x
Battle Icon
Affiliation Frontier
Blocking Partial
Base Defense

Damage crushing 85%

Stat-HP HP 250
Stat-Armor Armor 100
Stat-Bravery Bravery 40
Black shield Defense 55
"Question. Will there be fire?"
— Experimental Weapon Scientist


Jones, aka Experimental Weapon Scientist, is a weapons tester for Installation 17. At some point, he graduated from an academy with a doctorate's degree. He currently is working with Cassidy in testing out new laser technology for Lt. Morgan and the Outpost.


See Plasma Field Technician.


See Plasma Field Technician.


  • He stated that his doctoral thesis was on how he was afraid of fire.
  • He enjoyed Cassidy's special BBQ, and dislikes the food served at Installation 17.

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