Travel Greenborough icon@2x
Location level 30
Assistable No
Attackable Yes
Spawns None
Resource-Gold Gold
Resource-stone Stone
Resource-wood Wood
Resource-iron Iron
Resource-oil Oil
Resource-lumber Lumber

"About 10 miles from Marin, its residents would often claim they lived in the more interesting, metropolitan Marin instead. Its meager population consisted mostly of skilled laborers, constructing tank parts to be shipped elsewhere in the empire."
— In-game Description


Greenborough is a small town near the city of Marin, which had been taken by Rebel Forces. It becomes available to visit when Marin is attacked, but has no missions immediately. Once the Rebel presence is known, the town can be attacked for a variety of resources, defended only by a single Shock Trooper.

See "Spy Versus Spy" for more details about the missions that take place here.


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