Guard Post
Building Type Defense
Defensive Radius 15
Units Garrisoned 15
Population Resource population -1
Size Size 2 x 2
Unlocked Level 24
Gold Resource-Gold 38,000
Concrete Resource-concrete 3,200
Steel Resource-steel 1,400
Construction Time Resource-time 1d 6h
Sell Price Resource-Gold 10 Resource-stone 10
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 70
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 266

"Troops stationed here watch for intruders 24/7. Thanks to reinforced walls, their biggest worry will be deciding who has to clean the bathroom every week."
— In-game Description


The Guard Post is basically a slightly upgraded Bunker with no other benefits to speak of. It needs a little bit of Resource-steel Steel and Resource-concrete Concrete to build. It can hold 15 soldiers and no vehicles, and appears to have a defense radius a tiny bit bigger than that of a Cannon Tower.

The in-game description used to be bugged and misleading, saying that it has a defense radius of 0 and implying that it is a defensive structure more like a Pillbox than a Bunker, but more recent patches have fixed that issue.

The player is required to build a Guard Post at one point during the Crazy Blades mission sequence.


SecurityPost active SecurityPost idle
Active Idle

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