"Mankind has long sought the power to fly, but they probably didn't imagine it being so...fleshy. Pilots beware, the skies are looking terrifying."
— 3.1 Patch Notes


The Hunters, also know as "Specimen-F" type infected, are Infected units that deal Damage crushing-type damage with the ability to hit Air units.

It should be noted that the Hunters are the first Air units obtainable through other means than Boss Strike. It takes the status of a standard air unit with the ability to ignore most ground based attacks.

Other Hunter UnitsEdit

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Player UnitsEdit

Air s trooper zombie icon Specimen f01 "Proto-Hunter"
Air s trooper zombie b icon Specimen f02 "Hunter"
Air s trooper zombie c icon Specimen f03 "Advanced Hunter"
Air s trooper zombie d icon Specimen f04 "Archetype Hunter"

Enemy UnitsEdit

Air s trooper zombie 20Air s trooper zombie 40
Air s trooper zombie 55
Enemy Hunters


  • None of its attacks can target ships and sealife, making it only potentially useful for taking out other air units in naval battles.

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