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Uniticon-cr boar
Imperial Boar/Pre 1.3
Unit Type





Damage crushing 100

Reload Time

2 Rounds




Line of Fire



1 Row




Resource-time 11 Hours
Resource-Gold 9,500 Gold
Resource-tooth 7 Teeth

Healing Costs

Resource-time 2 Hours 45 Min
Resource-Gold 7,125 Gold
Resource-tooth 1 Tooth


As with all Critter units, this unit's appeal might be lost with its high Teeth cost to build, but the price may be worth it. It boasts 175 HP, but this may not be its shining point. It does a hefty Damage crushing 100 damage, that crushes most units that aren't Fortress or Tank units. One drawback may be that it must be in the front row to attack, as it only has a range of 1. Another drawback may also be its rather lengthy reload time of 2 turns, which can be quite vital in intense battles. Since it needs to be in the front row to attack it is also susceptible to being defeated and therefore needing to be healed, which along with the other Critters, requires a rare and valuable tooth.

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