Large Warehouse
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Building Type Resources
Population Resource population -6
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 34
Gold Resource-Gold 125,000
Concrete Resource-concrete 7,000
Lumber Resource-lumber 5,300
Construction Time Resource-time 1d 12h
Sell Price Resource-Gold 10
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold 50
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold 190

"The Large Warehouse allows you to store 1500 of each resource. How do we handle more stuff with even fewer people? By eliminating all safety measures, and ignoring workplace injury lawsuits."
— In-game Description


The Large Warehouse is the final storage building holding 1500 additional resources. While this is still not as useful as the Storage Vault or High Capacity Vault, it is considerably more useful than the Warehouse and it should be a priority to put together the resources to build them.