Missile Silo
Missile Silo
Building Type Military
Unit Type Produced Unlocks Radio Tech
Population Resource population -1
Size Size 3 x 3
Unlocked Level 50
Concrete Resource-concrete 7,000
Steel Resource-steel 3,000
Prestige Stars Resource-star 20
Construction Time Resource-time 14 hours
Sell Price Resource-Gold 10 Resource-iron 10
Reward for Raiding Resource-steel 40
Reward for Occupation Resource-steel 152

"Building one Missile Silo lets you send the Radio Tech into battle. Building more than one is just super cool looking."
— In-game Description


The Missile Silo is a military prestige building unlocked at level 50. Building this structure, unlocks the Radio Tech in the Prestigious Academy. It can also be occupied in groups for a fair amount of Resource-steel.



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