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"In the event that you should accidentally swallow a Nanopod, induce vomiting immediately and contact an executioner."
— Loading Screen

Nanopods are used to buy premium items (units or structures) within the game, and cost real money to buy. One can also get them through promotions websites such as, watching videos, and by leveling up. They can also be used to hurry production time at a rate of one nanopod per hour, rounded up. In single-player battles, a single nanopod can be used to heal Stat-HP 100 to a single unit, though this takes the player's turn - they cannot attack on the same round that you heal.


Name Amount Resource-nanopod Cost ($) Gold Bonus Cost (€) Gold
Nanopod vial Vial (no longer available) 20 Nanopods 0.99 0.5% more 0.89
Nanopod bucket Bucket 40 Nanopods 1.99 0% more 1.79
Nanopod trunk Trunk 110 Nanopods 4.99 9.7% more 4.49
Nanopod barrel Barrel 230 Nanopods 9.99 14.5% more 8.99
Nanopod supplycrate Supply Crate 500 Nanopods 19.99 24.4% more 17.99
Nanopod shippingcontainer Shipping Container 1300 Nanopods 49.99 29.4% more 44.99
Nanopod barge Barge 2800 Nanopods 99.99 39.3% more 89.99

Note: Excluding Special Offers

Getting NanopodsEdit

There are several ways to get nanopods through the course of the game. The first is when you are given 5 by Morgan at the beginning of the game. After that, you can either buy Nanopods (see cost), make them, or earn them.

Earning Nanopods happens two different ways. You can gain one every time you level up, or you can earn one every day (feature no longer present) or by watching promotional videos.

For making Nanopods, see Black Nanopod Facility.

Another way of getting Nanopods is playing PvP. Tier 4 Victory Point rewards have a small chance of giving up to Resource-nanopod 100. The amount does vary by level. 

One of the most efficient ways of gaining Nanopods is by completing Tapjoy offers, a lot of which require downloading an app and opening said app for a Nanopod reward.

Special OffersEdit


  • From Morgan's warnings as well as the loading screen text mentioned at the top, it can be assumed that consuming a nanopod will result in a very adverse reaction and most likely very painful, as even death is better.

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