PortableWall S veh portableWall rebel
Portable Wall
Affiliation Neutral
Unit Type Vehicle-Metal-Ignorable-Defense
Blocking Blocking
Immunities StatusEffect-fire Fire
Suppressor flammable icon Explosive
StatusEffect-frozen Freeze
StatusEffect-poison Poison
Suppressor shatter icon Shatter
StatusEffect-stun Stun
Encounter Lvls 35 55
Stat-HP HP 600 840
Stat-Armor Armor 125 175
Stat-Bravery Bravery 0 0
Black shield Defense 15 35
Stat-Dodge Dodge 5 25
Unit Value 41 60
Resource-SP SP Reward 164 240
Resource-Gold Gold Reward 820 1200


One of the toughest enemy units to defeat, the Portable Wall may be better off ignored, since ignorables need not be destroyed to win a battle.

The level 35 version is equivalent to the player's Rank 1 Portable Wall. At level 55, it is equivalent to a R5, making it much more difficult to destroy.


3.5 Patch

  • Gained immunity to the Flammable and Shatter effects.

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