Recoil Ridge
Location level 2
Assistable Yes
Attackable No
Spawns LandEncounter SilverWolves icon Silver Wolves
LandEncounter Frontier icon Angry Civilians
(Lower levels only)
Resource-Gold Gold
Resource-stone Stone
Resource-wood Wood
Resource-oil Oil
Resource-concrete Concrete

"The northernmost "official" imperial settlement. The Imperial frontier is peaceful, though not without hidden dangers. Hostile wildlife in the north means settlements like this need to keep their guard up."
— In-game Description


Recoil Ridge is the town the player's Outpost is closest to and is run by Sheriff Colt. Players will visit this location several times to defend from Raiders and Rebels or to gather supplies.

In chapter one, Recoil Ridge comes under assault from Warlord Gantas and then by the Silver Wolves in chapter 2.


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