Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full
Silver Wolf Trooper
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Trooper
Affiliation Silver Wolves
Weapon Unknown
"Lay Off! Career transitions can be very stressful!"
— Silver Wolf Trooper


The Silver Wolf Trooper is a Silver Wolf who is commonly seen among joint Silver Wolf-Raider forces. He first appears after the Captain defeats the Silver Wolves working with Raiders. After the player defeats his force it is revealed that Warlord Gantas has joined forces with the Silver Wolves. During confrontations, Warlord Gantas seems very detached and ambilavent, while the Silver Wolf Trooper is very forthright and aggressive. He will often initiate battles between the Silver Wolves and Imperials. You see him talking in the mission "Hi, Jack!".


The Silver Wolf Trooper is shown to be gruff, rude, and bossy, the typical manner of most Silver Wolves. One of them is genuinely nice to Lt. Morgan after he gives them food and shelter.

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