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Silver Wolves Invasion Promo
Silver Wolves
Faction Type Enemy
Operating Region Southern Frontier
Main Enemy The Empire (95th Rifle Company)
Current Status Destroyed by 95th Rifle Company
Current Leader No leader
Notable NPCs Bronson, Doug, Mr. Stephenson
Government Type Oligarchy
Plot Relevance Chapter 2
Battle Icon LandEncounter SilverWolves icon
Special Loot Resource-bars Bars
Resource-gear Gears


The Silver Wolves are a group of renegade Imperials (according to the developers, "a new type of bandit"). On the official Battle Nations Twitter, Z2 replied to a question as to what the rebels are "so angry about", explaining that the Silver Wolves work closely with the Rebel Army in order to profit greatly from the demise of the Empire. This explains why they are often dressed as thugs with makeshift weaponry, whereas the Rebels appear to be the remnants of the Imperial Army that wish to rebel. The Silver Wolves are essentially gangsters. Without the Empire, they can engage in their own black market practices.


The Silver Wolves are introduced to the player during the Frontier Justice mission at an early level. This small army consists of units that the player can train, albeit they are uniformed in a red and blue color, similar to an opponent's army in PvP and Rebel armies. There is no further mention of the Silver Wolves until after level 35 and completion of the first story arc with Warlord Gantas.

Before the 1.2 Patch, the first Silver Wolves Invasion event introduced many more Silver Wolves formations as invading forces on a player's outpost. These formations made up of the same assortment of units as the Imperial Army, and their mixed groups are actually fairly difficult to overcome on a level playing field. They have been seen with an assortment of premium or difficult-to-obtain units, and utilize small pieces of cover on the battlefield to protect themselves. These units too are outfitted in the red and blue uniforms and color schemes. During this promotional period, the Silver Wolves battles rewarded the player with plenty of Gold, Iron, Steel, Gears and Bars (up to 4 different resources per battle). According to the developers, this event was provide the resources needed for the 1.2 Patch.

The 2.0 Patch reintroduced the Silver Wolves, bringing them into the main story after the story arc with Warlord Gantas (post level 35). These Silver Wolves now have their own unique graphics and color scheme, and come packing a lot more firepower as befitting their level 37+ missions and encounters. The various Silver Wolves units are equipped with an assortment of weapons to deal with just about any opponent - high damage grenades, anti-tank rockets, widespread machine guns, high-powered single-target rifles, fast armor-piercing melee attacks, mortars and even car doors as defense.

Outside of missions, the Silver Wolves continually spawn in Bernmoth once the player reaches the An Empire in Need missions. Later on in the main story, they begin showing up in Recoil Ridge. These random encounters have a low chance of rewarding one or two Gears or Bars.

The Silver Wolves now are the main enemies of the player from level 35+. They are continually harassing and attacking the Northern Frontier towns, and the player is constantly fighting them.

Player UnitsEdit

SWscrapper front SWThug front SWGrenadier front
Wolf Scrapper Wolf Thug Wolf Grenadier
SWDevastator front SwMGPickup front Sw veh rocketTruck front
Wolf Devastator Wolf Pickup Converted Garbage Truck
Air sw plane front Air sw whirlybird front Veh sw tank front
Silverwolf Crop Buster Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter Thresher Tank
Sw veh catapult front Veh tank snowplow front
Imperial Fury Snow Crusher

Previously TrainableEdit

SWEnforcer front Sw veh artillery front
Wolf Enforcer Wolf Artillery

Enemy UnitsEdit

Level 5 SoldiersEdit

Sw guy rpg 5 front Sw guy grenade 5 front Sw guy machete 5 front Sw guy uzi 5 front Sw guy bat 5 front S guy sniper front Sw veh artillery 5 front
Wolf Devastator Wolf Grenadier Wolf Scrapper Wolf Thug Wolf Punisher Wolf Golden Eagle Wolf Artillery

Level 5 VehiclesEdit

Sw veh pickup 5 front
Wolf Pickup


SWBombadier front SWDefender front SWDevastator front SWEnforcer front SWGrenadier front SWscrapper front
Wolf Bombadier
Wolf Thunder
Wolf Defender
Wolf Spartan
Wolf Devastator
Wolf Annihilator
Wolf Enforcer
Wolf Judge
Wolf Grenadier
Elite Wolf Grenadier
Wolf Scrapper
Wolf Chopper
SWThug front Sw guy laser front Sw guy sniper front Sw guy bat front Sw guy slingshot front
Wolf Thug
Wolf Howler
Laser Wolf Wolf Golden Eagle Wolf Punisher Wolf Slinger


SWarmoredTruck front CannonSchoolBus front Sw veh rocketTruck front SwMGPickup front Sw veh artillery front
Wolf Armored Truck
Alpha Wolf Truck
Wolf Cruel Bus
Magic Cruel Bus
Converted Garbage Truck
Recycled Garbage Truck
Wolf Pickup
Wolf Gun Truck
Wolf Artillery
Wolf Rainmaker
Sw veh steamRoller front Sw veh catapult front Veh tank snowplow front
Wolf Roller
Wolf Crusher
Wolf Fury Snow Crusher


Air sw plane front Air sw whirlybird front
Silverwolf Crop Buster Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter


S sandbags front PortableWall
Sandbag Pile Portable Wall

NPC CharactersEdit

Doug Profile Bronson
Doug Bronson


Boss StrikeEdit

Boss SW

Silver Wolf Enforcer Shrow

Boss Strike7

Silver Wolf Enforcer Shrow

Boss Strike mad scientist 1136x640

Dr. Vogel

The following Boss Strikes featured Silver Wolves:

Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 3: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 7: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Npc silverwolves scientist boss mission Boss Strike 10: Dr. Vogel
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 13: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 17: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 19: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid

Silver Wolves InvasionsEdit

Silver Wolves Invasion July 2013

Silver Wolves invasion event

The following Invasion events featured Silver Wolves:

Invasion CompetitionEdit

EncounterIcon SilverwolfInvasion icon

The following Invasion Competitions featured Silver Wolves:


Comp milUnit silverWolves icon

The following buildings are associated with Silver Wolves:


Icon travel newHaven icon~ipad

The following locations are associated with Silver Wolves:


NPC ArtworkEdit

Mission IconsEdit

Encounter IconsEdit

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