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11 Sniper

Sniper2 icon
Sniper/Pre 1.3
Unit Type

Light Infantry


Level 21




Damage piercing 90


Sniper Rifle

Reload Time

3 Rounds




Line of Fire



1-4 Rows




Resource-time 10 Hours
Resource-Gold 8,000 Gold
Resource-iron 1,200 Iron Resource-bars 5 Bars

Healing Costs

Resource-time 2 Hours 30 Min Resource-Gold 3,600 Gold Resource-iron 540 Iron Resource-bars 1 Bars


In order to train Snipers, you need to build a SpecOps Center, which has an exceedingly costly price tag on it. However, the units are quite worthwhile.
Snipers are, as expected, very effective at eliminating other Infantry units (either heavy or light). Their shots can deal critical hits for 183 damage (and do it quite often at that), enough to one-shot a Commando, Raider Champion, or just about any other Infantry.
Although their health is 125, beware of losing a Sniper: the healing cost includes one rare Bar. Do not be ashamed to heal them with 1 Nanopod in battle if they take too much damage.
(Currently, bars are considerably easy to earn from pvp battles, so take note of that.)
Four snipers bunched up together in the middle or back row equals consecutive fire. Basically, to make up for long reload times, one must use the power of a single sniper, and fire it one by one for each of the four snipers, so in that case, it looks like you don't need to reload! Highly recommended to get some of these. Calvin Tsui 07:18, February 15, 2012 (Zoron)

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