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1 Trooper

Trooper/Pre 1.3
Unit Type

Light Infantry


Level 2




Damage piercing 24


Battle Rifle

Reload Time

1 Round




Line of Fire



1-2 Rows




Resource-time 6 Minutes
Resource-Gold 250 Gold
Resource-iron 5 Iron

Healing Costs

Resource-time 2 Minutes
Resource-Gold 120 Gold
Resource-iron 2 Iron


The Trooper is the basic infantry unit, and will be a fixture in any army for a while. They are unlocked at level 2 and are the first unit you can train.

They have good defense against Explosive and Shell attacks, but are weak against Fire, and although not stated in its stats, Projectile attacks.

Cheap, and somewhat affordable to toss as roadblocks to protect stronger units with longer ranges, the Trooper is best used as a meat shield. Due to their low train and repair cost, Troopers are the ideal unit for raiding other players and are often used as a shield to protect other units. The mini tank is a smaller, more nimble version of the classic armored vehicle. This means that it does significant shell damage yet packs a heavy punch against almost all unit types.


Troopers compose the bulk of the Imperial Army’s front-line forces. Operating under the motto of “First in, Rarely Return”, what these fresh recruits lack in experience and survivability, they make up for with a complete lack of independent thinking, and near-fanatical devotion to the Emperor. Their ability to stop bullets before they hit more important units is also a plus.

Despite the Empire’s recent advancements in weaponry, Troopers are issued the venerable M-11 Battle Rifle. Although critics point to its low rate of fire, Troopers love the M-11 because of its rugged reliability, and because its semi-automatic fire is more accurate at long range than rifles with burst and automatic modes.


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