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Say Hello to the 95th Rifle Company, and get used to never having quite enough units to get the task done! Troops and vehicles are necessary for the player to partake in any kind of fighting at all. While the player's level increases by making use of buildings to produce goods (or by completing Missions), the army is there to help protect the player's Outpost.

Units are created in the buildings below. There is no maximum limit to the number of units that can be owned, and they do not impact your population. Each unit has its own requirements before they can be built, as well as an associated cost in resources in order to build one. When a unit is "killed" in battle, it will not be destroyed, but instead can be healed or repaired for a cost. The heal cost is lower than the cost to build the unit. Nanopod units do not require nanopods to heal, but are healed for resources. Soldiers are healed at the Hospital and Vehicles are healed at the Repair Bay.

When units earn enough Skill Points (SP), they may seek Promotion to gain rank, better stats, and abilities. With higher rank, some units may conduct Weapon Research to gain additional attack modes or types.

Damage TypesEdit

The damage type is used to show the type of attack a unit unleashes on the enemy. This information can be located within each unit's game profile.

Some units have higher base and/or armor defense against certain Damage Types. A defense of more than 100% is not good because it means that the unit will take more damage from that damage type. Vice versa, if a defense is less than 100% is good because it means that the unit is more resistant to that damage type, and it will take less damage from that damage type. Damage type is not the same as immunity or Status Effects.

Damage fire Fire
Damage piercing Piercing
Damage explosive Explosive
Damage crushing Crushing
DamageCold@2x Cold

Unit TypesEdit

Units consist of one or multiple classifications.

  • Class infantry-light Light Infantry
  • Class infantry-heavy Heavy Infantry
  • Class vehicle Vehicle
  • Class tank Tank
  • Class artillery Artillery
  • Class aircraft Aircraft/LTA
  • Class critter Critter


The Barracks trains Soldiers and Snipers.

Trooper icon Trooper Level 1
Shocktrooper icon Shock Trooper Level 2
Grenadier icon Grenadier Level 2
Mortar icon Mortar Team Level 6
Arsonist icon Arsonist Level 6
Hunter icon Hunter Level 7
Gunner icon Gunner Level 8
Dragoon icon Imperial Dragoon Level 5
Officer icon Junior Officer Level 10
Shotgunner icon Riot Trooper Level 11
S trooper underdog icon The Wimp Level 12
Sniper icon Sharpshooter Level 16
Minigunner icon Heavy Gunner Level 17
Saboteur icon Saboteur Level 20
Flametrooper icon Flame Trooper Level 19
Commando icon Ranger Level 20
Fliegerfaust icon Hornet Level 23
Sniper2 icon Sniper Level 24
Bazookateam icon Bazooka Squad Level 25
MgShield icon Armadillo Level 27
SuperSniper icon Marksman Level 28
Ranger icon Commando Level 30
RpgTrooper icon RPG Trooper Level 31
Demolitionist icon Demolitionist Level 34
S midrange agent icon Field Agent Level 25
S mortar turtleShell icon Turtlesheller Level 34
Juggernaut icon Juggernaut Level 35
NinjaTrooper icon Ninja Trooper Level 35
CrowdControl icon Peace Keeper Level 36
Hitman icon Hitman Level 37
S flame heavy icon Salamander Level 39
S trooper bigGameHunter icon Big Game Hunter Level 50
ChemTrooper icon Chem Trooper Level 41
S bounty hunter icon Imperial Peacemonger Level 45
BioGrenedier icon Bio Grenadier Level 43
ElectroTrooper icon Lightning Trooper Level 46
S trooper dragoon heavy icon Lightning Dragoon Level 46
S trooper veteran icon Veteran Level 47
S trooper cryo icon Cryo Trooper Level 48
S trooper saboteur heavy icon Guerrilla Level 49
S arctic trooper icon Arctic Trooper Level 55
S trooper fire ice icon Elemental Trooper Level 56
I17 guy railgun sniper icon Railgun Sniper Level 64

Promotional/Limited Time SoldiersEdit

S trooper secretAgent icon Special Agent Level 40, Special Promotion 1/18/13 - 1/23/13
S sniper special heavy icon Deadeye Level 45, Special Promotion 3/9/13 - 3/11/13
S trooper railgun icon Railgun Trooper Level 50, Special Promotion 6/28/13 - 6/30/13
S ninja red icon Blood Ninja Level 50, Special Promotion 7/26/13 - 7/28/13
S raider recruit player icon Raider Recruit Level 45, Special Promotion 9/21/13 - 9/28/13
S zombie hunter icon Zombie Hunter Level 10, Special Promotion 11/1/13 - 11/7/13
S gunner laser icon M2014 Laser Gunner Level 40, Special Promotion 12/27/13 - 1/1/14
S trooper jet pack icon Aero Jetpack Trooper Level 10, Special Promotion 1/23/14 - 1/28/14
S assassin icon Shadow Agent Level 30, Special Promotion 3/13/14 - 3/18/14
S trooper gatlingGrenadier icon Heavy Grenadier Level 5, Starter pack, added 3/28/14
S samurai icon Wandering Samurai Level 20, Special Promotion 3/28/14 - 4/3/14
S scientist icon Weapon Technician Level 15, Special Promotion 5/9/14 - 5/14/14
S armored trooper icon Mechanized Trooper Level 10, Special Promotion 5/22/14 - 5/28/14
S trooper strongman icon Jedrek the Crusher Level 10, Special Promotion 7/25/14 - 7/29/14

Animal TrainerEdit

The Animal Trainer building will allow players to train 8 of the 10 available critters for their army. The other critter units, the Allied Mammoth Rider and the Allied Raider Skirmisher requires a Prestigious Academy and stars to train unlike the other critters which require Teeth to train and heal. Note that the younger animals can be unlocked at level 1 as stated in the patch notes, but not the trainer itself.

S raptor small icon Young Raptor Level 10
Raptor icon Battle Raptor Level 10
S boar small icon Young Boar Level 12
WildBoar icon Imperial Boar Level 15
S mammoth small icon Young Mammoth Level 21
S mammoth medium icon War Mammoth Level 29
S sandworm small icon Young Worm Level 22
Sandworm icon Tamed Sandworm Level 25

Promotional/Limited Time AnimalsEdit

S sandworm large icon Tamed Adult Sandworm Level 25, Special Promotion 2/9/13-2/10/13
S raptor large icon Tamed Raptor Lord Level 25, Special Promotion 2/9/13-2/10/13
S mammoth large icon Tamed Mammoth Matriarch Level 25, Special Promotion 2/9/13-2/10/13
S boar large icon Tamed Boar Matriarch Level 25, Special Promotion 2/9/13-2/10/13
S spiderwasp spitter icon Battlewasp Striker Level 40, Special Promotion 8/30/13
Ancient mammoth icon Legendary Mammoth Level 1, Special Promotion 12/12/13-12/17/13
Creature bigfoot shaman icon Bigfoot Shaman Level 35, Special Promotion 1/10/14-1/15/14
Ancient boar player icon Legendary Boar Level 10, Special Promotion 2/14/14-2/19/14
S ancient raptor player icon Legendary Raptor Level 10, Special Promotion 6/26/2014

Raider Training CampEdit

The Raider Training Camp will enable the training of Raider units for use. These are much more powerful than those encountered during quests or those in invading forces in the Outpost.

Skulls are required to build the Raider Training Camp and to train and heal allied Allied Raiders, except the Dust Walker, Champion and Skirmisher .

The Allied Mammoth Rider requires a Prestigious Academy.

Raider icon Allied Raider Warrior Level 14
CannonRaider icon Allied Raider Cannoneer Level 16
Firebreather icon Allied Raider Firebreather Level 21
DustwalkerRaider icon Allied Raider Dustwalker Level 33
BoomBoomRaider icon Allied Raider Boom Boom Level 35
ChampionRaider icon Allied Raider Champion Level 40
S raptorRaider icon Allied Skirmisher Level 45

Promotional/Limited Time RaidersEdit

BrawlerRaider icon Allied Brawler Level 40, Special Promotion 5/10/13 - 5/12/13

Infection Test FacilityEdit

The Infection Test Facility is a building introduced in 2.3 Patch, and later in the 3.1 Patch. Non-infected, non-nanopod units in the hospital can instead be "infected" at this building, turning into a semi-random infected unit.

S zombie hospital icon ??? Level 15

Possible MutationsEdit

S trooper zombie spitter icon Specimen a01 "Proto-Bullfrog" Level 18
S trooper zombie spitter b icon Specimen a02 "Bullfrog" Level 26
S trooper zombie spitter c icon Specimen a03 "Advanced Bullfrog" Level 35
S trooper zombie spitter d icon Specimen a04 "Archetype Bullfrog" Level 43
S trooper zombie icon Specimen b01 "Proto-Creeper" Level 15
S trooper zombie b icon Specimen b02 "Creeper" Level 20
S trooper zombie c icon Specimen b03 "Advanced Creeper" Level 30
S trooper zombie d icon Specimen b04 "Archetype Creeper" Level 40
S trooper zombie cannon icon Specimen c01 "Proto-Cannoneer" Level 17
S trooper zombie cannon b icon Specimen c02 "Cannoneer" Level 22
S trooper zombie cannon c icon Specimen c03 "Advanced Cannoneer" Level 32
S trooper zombie cannon d icon Specimen c04 "Archetype Cannoneer" Level 42
S trooper zombie ninja icon Specimen d01 "Proto-Stalker" Level 19
S trooper zombie ninja b icon Specimen d02 "Stalker" Level 28
S trooper zombie ninja c icon Specimen d03 "Advanced Stalker" Level 38
S trooper zombie ninja d icon Specimen d04 "Archetype Stalker" Level 44
S trooper zombie tank b icon Specimen e01 "Colossus" Level 45
Air s trooper zombie icon Specimen f01 "Proto-Hunter" Level 20
Air s trooper zombie b icon Specimen f02 "Hunter" Level 30
Air s trooper zombie c icon Specimen f03 "Advanced Hunter" Level 40
Air s trooper zombie d icon Specimen f04 "Archetype Hunter" Level 50
S raptor zombie icon Specimen g01 "Proto-Shredder" Level ?
S raptor zombie b icon Specimen g02 "Shredder" Level ?
S raptor zombie c icon Specimen g03 "Advanced Shredder" Level ?
S raptor zombie d icon Specimen g04 "Archetype Shredder" Level ?
S trooper zombie spider icon Specimen h01 "Proto-Crawler" Level ?
S trooper zombie spider b icon Specimen h02 "Crawler" Level ?
S trooper zombie spider c icon Specimen h03 "Advanced Crawler" Level ?
S trooper zombie spider d icon Specimen h04 "Archetype Crawler" Level ?

Vehicle FactoryEdit

The Vehicle Factory is the production facility for vehicles, artillery and tanks. By the time it is available, infantry units will find themselves more and more challenged by new enemy units. The vehicles available to train early on lack armor, so are more prone to dying and costly repairs. Artillery have the safety of being far from the front lines, although they are still vulnerable to the dreaded Dust Walker. Upon arriving to level 18, Vehicles and Tank types which have armor will become available for training. A unit's Armor's bane are Armor Piercing attacks, but these are not found in normal critter or raider invaders.

Iron, Steel, and Oil are important resources to have stockpiles of, as missions in this range level may leave a few undesired patients in the Repair BayGears and Widgets are also important for ranking, training and even repairing some units, mostly higher-level ones. 

ScoutBike icon Scout Bike Level 10
Veh anti aircraft gun regular icon Anti-Aircraft Turret Level 10
Jeep icon Humvee Level 15
Dunerider icon Dune Rider Level 11
MountainArtillery icon Aries Level 12
S sandbags icon Sandbag Pile Level 13
MiniTank icon Mini Tank Level 13
Lightapc icon Recon Vehicle Level 15
Artillery icon Light Artillery Level 20
KatyushaRockets icon Hailstorm Level 21
Premiumapc icon Heavy Recon Vehicle Level 23
Guntruck icon Gun Truck Level 21
Specialmortar icon Mortar Truck Level 22
WheeledTank icon Puma Level 27
Tankkiller icon Tank Killer Level 27
Heavyartillery icon Heavy Artillery Level 28
LightTank icon Light Tank Level 29
LightFlameTank icon Firedrake Level 26
Mediumtank icon Medium Tank Level 30
Mlrs icon Rocket Truck Level 30
MgTank icon Tempest Level 31
SuperTank icon Super Tank Level 32
TowHumvee icon Meerkat Level 33
Veh motorcycle advanced icon Aces 650cc Level 34
HeavyTank icon Heavy Tank Level 35
S veh portableWall icon Portable Wall Level 35
MlrsHeavy icon Brimstone Level 35
RiotTruck icon Riot Truck Level 38
SuperArtillery icon Earthshaker Level 40
Veh tank basilisk icon Basilisk Level 41
Veh tank flame heavy icon Dragon Level 42
Veh empire machineGunTurret icon Unmanned Machine Gun Turret Level 42
ChemTankLight icon Light Chemical Tank Level 44
ChemTankHeavy icon Heavy Chemical Tank Level 45
Veh empire flameTurret icon Unmanned Flame Turret Level 45
Veh tank heavier icon Heavier Tank Level 47
Veh anti armor icon Brutalizer Level 48
Veh tank cryo icon Frostbite Level 48
Veh tank tesla icon Lightning Tank Level 49
Veh tank mega icon Mega Tank Level 50
Veh tank arctic icon Arctic Tank Level 55
Veh tank arctic heavy icon Heavy Arctic Tank Level 55
S mammoth player artillery icon Mammoth Artillery Level 55
Veh trebuchet icon Zoey's Trebuchet Level 56
Veh tank drill icon L7 Sandworm Drill Level 61
I17 veh railgun buggy icon Railgun Buggy Level 62
I17 veh tank railgun icon Railgun Tank Level 62
S electricFence icon Portable Electric Fence Level 66

Promotional/Limited Time VehiclesEdit

Veh artillery napalm icon Death From Above Level 30, Available for the weekend beginning 4/10/2013
Veh boomBus icon Boom Bus Level 30, Available for the weekend beginning 5/3/2013
Veh tank mammoth icon Mammoth Tank Level 45, Available for the weekend beginning 5/31/2013
Veh ancient robot player clone icon Imitation Fragment Level 45, Available for the weekend beginning 7/12/13
Veh anti aircraft gun premium icon Anti-Aircraft Flak Gun Level 5, Available for weekend beginning 8/16/13
Veh hovercraft icon Bora-Bora Hovercraft Level 15, Available 2/28/14
Veh monster icon TANK CRUSHER Level 20, Available April 10 - April 15 2014
Veh demolisher icon Demolisher Level 15, Available April 24 - April 29 2014
Veh armored suv icon Armored SUV Level 15, Available June 6 - June 11 2014
Veh ancient sentry icon Ancient Sentry Level 15, Available July 11 - July 15 2014
Veh elemental rover icon Nomad Elemental Rover Level 10, Available August 28 - September 1 2014

Frontier Recruitment HQEdit

The Frontier Recruitment HQ will enable the training of Frontier units for use. It is also worth noting that, apart from the Junior Officer, the Frontier units are the only trainable units with distinguishable facial features.

Fr pyro icon Frontier Pyro Level 37
Fr fireworksTruck icon Fireworks Truck Level 37
Fr lumberjack icon Frontier Lumberjack Level 38
Fr hunter icon Frontier Hunter Level 38
Fr minuteman icon Frontier Minuteman Level 37
Fr dynamite icon Frontier Engineer Level 37
FrTractor icon Frontier Tractor Level 37
Fr catapult icon Frontier Chucker Level 37

Mercenary VaultEdit

The Mercenary Vault is a Merit based building which allows the player to train silver wolves. The stats of these player units appear to be the same as the enemy wolves.

Sw scrapper icon Wolf Scrapper Level 47
Sw thug icon Wolf Thug Level 47
Sw pickup icon Wolf Pickup Level 47
Sw grenadier icon Wolf Grenadier Level 47
Sw devastator icon Wolf Devastator Level 47
Sw veh rocketTruck icon Converted Garbage Truck Level 47
Sw veh artillery icon Wolf Artillery Level 47 Removed in 2.9 patch
Sw enforcer icon Wolf Enforcer Level 47 Removed as a trainable unit in 2.7 patch, but is promised to return

Prestigious AcademyEdit

The Prestigious Academy is the production facility for prestigious units. The player can spend Stars (Resource-star) to build units not available anywhere else. These units are a cut above all the others as they deliver more powerful attacks and have a greater variety of attacks. Since these units require Stars, they are only available to players who have reached and exceeded maximum level. This is currently Resource-xp 347,400 past the maximum level of Level 70.

Assassinator icon Assassinater Level 35
GoldHeavyTank icon Gold Tank Level 35
MammothRaider icon Allied Mammoth Rider Level 35
MegaArtillery icon Peacemaker Level 45
Laser technician icon Laser Technician Level 45
S ninja white icon Shinobi Level 50
S trooper missileStrike icon Radio Tech Level 50
S hunter eagleEye icon Eagle Eye Level 55
Veh ign turret laser icon Unmanned Laser Turret Level 55
I17 guy railgun icon Railgun Tech Level 59
I17 guy weapon experiment player icon Plasma Field Technician Level 65
S spiderwasp warrior 70 icon Royal Spiderwasp Warrior Level 70

Optics FacilityEdit

These units are produced from the Optics Facility. Only the Laser Trooper can be built without spending Resource-nanopod nanopods.

S laser trooper icon Laser Trooper Level 51
S laser sniper icon Laser Sniper Level 52
Veh tank laser icon Laser Tank Level 53

Bigfoot Training CampEdit

S bigfoot adult icon Bigfoot Level 53
S bigfoot child icon Young Bigfoot Level 53

Plasma Weapons FactoryEdit

Produced from the Plasma Weapons Factory, most of these units require Plasma to build and all of them require Plasma to heal.

S trooper plasma icon Plasma Trooper Level 67
Veh ign turret plasma icon Plasma Turret Level 68
Veh tank plasma icon Plasma Tank Level 68
Veh cannon plasma icon Artillery Plasma Cannon Level 69

Reward/Drop UnitsEdit

There are units that can be rewarded or dropped by defeating certain enemies or from completion of missions.

Veh ancient robot player icon Dexter Fragment Level 35, from Ancient Construct
Veh ancient robot player icon Sinister Fragment Level 35, from Ancient Construct
Veh ancient fragmentClaw icon Melee Sentinel Fragment Level 50, from Ancient Sentinel
Veh ancient fragmentBlaster icon Ranged Sentinel Fragment Level 50, from Ancient Sentinel
Def spiderwasp egg icon Spiderwasp Egg Level 66, from Spiderwasp Queen
Veh phalanx tank player icon Phalanx Tank Level 68, from Goliath Tank
Veh scram cannon turret icon Unmanned Scram Cannon Turret Level 65, from Mission SCRAM, For Kids
S raptor rednose icon Ruddock the Red Nosed Raptor Level 1, from Mission The Frontier Jubilee Charity Drive,
available 12/19/13 - 1/1/14
S raider archer icon Flames of Love Archer Level 20, from Mission Stoking the Flames of Love,
available 2/11/2014 - 2/23/2014

Boss Strike RewardsEdit

The Boss Strike is a feature added in the 3.0 update. Players work to defeat difficult waves of enemies to gain points and win prizes, preferably with their Guild. These units are the prizes given to the players who participated and earned the tier rewards. Up to the fourth boss strike, only airplanes were rewarded as units.

Boss Strike 1: 2nd Lt. Dorian's Assault
Air biplane icon Sopwith Spiderwasp Tier 3 Reward
Air helicopter icon BC-1 Snake Tier 7 Reward
Air jet fighter icon V-14 Maverick Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 2: The Battle of Shaman Kuros
Air ww2 fighter icon L-60 Hawker Hurricane Tier 3 Reward
Air dirigible icon ZRS-6 Dirigible Tier 7 Reward
Air jet fighter 2 icon V47 KittyHawk Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 3: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Air corsair icon Thundercloud F10 Tier 3 Reward
Air biplane icon Sopwith Spiderwasp Tier 7 Reward (x3)
Air bomber icon Z2-18 Bomber Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 4: Infected Troops
S trooper zombie spitter super icon Specimen a05 "Apex Bullfrog" Tier 3 Reward
S trooper zombie ninja super icon Specimen d05 "Apex Stalker" Tier 7 Reward
S trooper zombie tank super icon Specimen e03 "Apex Colossus" Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 5: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer
Air ww2 fighter icon L-60 Hawker Hurricane Tier 3 Reward
Air attack helicopter icon UH-1B SkyRaptor Tier 7 Reward
Air warthog icon B10 Wild Boar Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 6: Rebel Pilot Evaline Acehart
Air dirigible icon ZRS-6 Dirigible Tier 3 Reward
Air fire helicopter icon F-51 Hell Fire Tier 7 Reward
Air jet jammer icon Signal Jamming Drone Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 7: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Air sw plane icon Silverwolf Crop Buster Tier 3 Reward
Air sw whirlybird icon Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter Tier 7 Reward
Air cargo plane icon AD7 Bigfoot SkyBus Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 8: The Battle of Shaman Kuros
Air triplane icon Tri-Wing Terror Tier 3 Reward
Air helicopter new icon BC-3 Cobra Tier 7 Reward
Air stealth fighter icon RS17 Shadowwasp Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 9: Rebel Sergeant Ludlow
Air attack helicopter icon UH-1B SkyRaptor Tier 3 Reward
Air osprey icon C17 Winged Mammoth Tier 7 Reward
Air warthogRecolor icon B10-C Boar II Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 10: Dr. Vogel
Air drone icon Attack Drone Tier 3 Reward
Air sw whirlybird icon Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter Tier 7 Reward
Air ancient fragment icon Flying Dexter Fragment Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 11: Rebel Pilot Evaline Acehart
Air jet fighter icon V-14 Maverick Tier 3 Reward
Air corsair icon Thundercloud F10 Tier 7 Reward
Air warthogRecolor icon B10-C Boar II Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 12: Raider Warlord Challenge
Air triplane icon Tri-Wing Terror Tier 3 Reward
Air drone icon Attack Drone Tier 7 Reward (x2)
Air raider zeppelin icon Falcon's Nest Tier 10 Reward
Boss Strike 13: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Air sw plane icon Silverwolf Crop Buster Tier 3 Reward
Air sw whirlybird icon Silverwolf Chunook Helicopter Tier 7 Reward
Veh sw tank icon Thresher Tank Tier 10 Reward

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