Veteran Front
Unit Type Soldier
Player Level Req. Level 47
Building Required Barracks level 11
Blocking Blocking
(Max Rank)
Stat-HP 520
"No stranger to the brutalities of war, this unit is specially outfitted to inflict pain on the enemy. Packing Machine Guns and Grenade Launchers, he’s ready to fight the good fight at a moment’s notice."
— 2.6 Patch Notes


The Veteran is a premium unit introduced in the 2.6 Patch and is unlocked at level 47 and requires a Level 11 Barracks.

The Veteran has three attacks, all available at Rank 1. Each of his attacks deal Damage explosive-type damage and has its own independent ammo. The Veteran is very effective in a pair, for both a strong offense that can take on tanks and infantry as well as a good defense for protecting weaker units and still managing to inflict damage on the enemy. It is generally considered worth the Resource-nanopod 75 Nanopods required to train a Veteran. At higher ranks, the unit's dodge becomes incredible, able to dodge machine gun fire that would normally be able to hit other high-dodge units, and more than compensating for the lack of any sort of armor or resistances. All attacks have a one-round cool down before reloading.  

The first attack, Machine Gun: Automatic Fire, deals 50-61 (x3) at Rank 1 damage to a single target, each shot possessing 65% armor piercing ability. With a range of 1-4 (shared with the Bullet Spray attack), it is capable of hitting any unit in its line of fire at the first or second rows. It has a respectable 4-round reload time.  

The second attack, Machine Gun: Bullet Spray, attacks three units in a horizontal pattern, dealing 57-78 (x2) to up to 3 targets next to each other. Players can choose where the three-wide spray will go, letting the player potentially hit a unit behind a blocking unit, provided the column to the left or right of the target is clear. This attack has reduced damage and armor piercing ability than the first attack, but a much better offense and a 30% base crit. With a 3-round reload time, it is one of the most versatile of the Veteran's attacks.

The last attack, Grenade Launcher: Anti-Tank Grenade, can devastate almost all armored units with high armor piercing explosive damage and 30% base crit. It deals between 148-181 damage to a single unit. It has indirect fire capabilities, allowing the Veteran to strike units behind cover, and gives the Veteran means to defend itself against enemy aircraft. However, it is the shortest range of all the Veteran's attacks, a modest range of 1-3, and has a 6-round reload time, the longest reload time of any of the Veteran's attacks.  

This unit is one of the best investments in Nanopods, and when paired with another Veteran, they can be very powerful. Their full-blocking ability and high survivability in most situations make it perfectly suitable for the frontline against most formations. Avoid deploying this unit on the front when facing units with high-damage, high-offense attacks, especially those with critical bonuses against Soldiers, such as Raptors or Snipers. Anything that can reliably deal full damage to a Veteran will be able to cut through its large but unarmored and resistance-less hitpool. However, even when these units are in play, Veterans are still a very viable option as secondline support, since the first two attacks can reach all rows and the third attack can reach the second row.



Veteran Ranks
1 2 3 4 5 6
Resource-SP SP N/A 7,820 19,720 43,525 97,925 318,250
Stat-HP HP 315 380 (+65) 415 (+35) 450 (+35) 485 (+35) 520 (+35)
Stat-Bravery Bravery 25 30 (+5) 35 (+5) 40 (+5) 45 (+5) 45
Black shield Defense 75 80 (+5) 85 (+5) 90 (+5) 95 (+5) 105 (+10)
Stat-Dodge Dodge 45 50 (+5) 55 (+5) 60 (+5) 65 (+5) 75 (+10)
Stat-Ability Ability Slot 3 3 3 3 3 3
Promotion Cost N/A Resource-time 4h
Resource-Gold 26,592
Resource-steel 9,825
Resource-time 12h
Resource-Gold 84,472
Resource-steel 11,700
Resource-time 1d
Resource-Gold 213,408
Resource-steel 13,725
Resource-bars 7
Resource-time 2d
Resource-Gold 528,488
Resource-steel 15,925
Resource-bars 18
Resource-time 2d
Resource-Gold 1,156,390
Resource-steel 18,275
Resource-laurels 5
Promotion Reward N/A Resource-xp 2,200 Resource-xp 3,600 Resource-xp 5,200 Resource-xp 7,000 Resource-xp 9,000
PvP Unit Value 23 29 32 36 39 43
Resource-SP SP Reward 92 116 128 144 156 172
Resource-Gold Gold Reward 460 580 640 720 780 860


Training Cost — Barracks
Level 11 12 13 14 15
Resource-time Time 11h 40m 10h 8h 20m 6h 40m 5h
Resource-nanopod Nanopods 75 75 75 75 75
Healing Cost
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Resource-time Time 8h 15m 8h 15m 8h 15m 8h 15m 8h 15m 7h 25m 6h 36m 5h 46m 4h 57m 3h 18m
Resource-Gold Gold 25,650 21,375 17,100 15,390 13,680 11,970 11,115 10,260 9,405 8,550
Resource-steel Steel 1,950 1,625 1,300 1,170 1,040 910 845 780 715 650
Healing Cost
Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Resource-time Time 7h 25m 7h 25m 7h 25m 7h 25m 7h 25m 6h 36m 5h 46m 4h 57m 4h 7m 2h 28m
Resource-Gold Gold 22,230 17,955 13,680 11,970 10,260 8,550 7,695 6,840 5,985 5,130
Resource-steel Steel 1,690 1,365 1,040 910 780 650 585 520 455 390


  • The Veteran appears to have a spiked ball on his waist but it has no use.
  • The Veteran stands on a briefcase, but there is no use for the briefcase.
  • The suitcase resembles those used to carry German anti-tank mines during WWII.
  • One of the attacks is called a anti-tank grenade, but it doesn't only attack tanks and doesn't even have a additional crit against tanks.


3.0 Patch

  • Added ability to target air units with Anti Tank Grenade attack.

2.9 Patch

  • Slight increase in dodge and defense from Rank 4 to Rank 5.

2.6 Patch

  • Unit added.



Weapon Animation
Idle S trooper veteran front idle S trooper veteran back idle
Machine Gun S trooper veteran front attack1 S trooper veteran back attack1
Grenade Launcher S trooper veteran front attack2 S trooper veteran back attack2

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